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Can a vacuum cleaner clean broken glass?

If you accidentally break a glass bowl or cup, what would you do with the broken glass all over the place? If it's broken on the floor, it's fine, you can clean it up with a broom. Then if it breaks on the carpet, it will be bad. Because you can't sweep the carpet with a broom, and you can't pick it up piece by piece. Maybe you want to vacuum the broken glass out, so can a vacuum cleaner vacuum the broken glass from the carpet?

Source: The Spruce / Sanja Kostic

You can use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean in the brightest light. Because the edges of the glass shards may reflect light, as many small glass shards can be sucked away as possible. You can also use a bagless vacuum. Because shards of glass may cut the vacuum cleaner with the vacuum bag and go inside the vacuum.

You can vacuum broken glass, but it's not particularly recommended. If you must vacuum, don't use a vacuum with a hose. The edges of the shards of glass are sharp and it's easy to cut the hose. If the hose is broken, the vacuum will lose suction, preventing it from picking up dust.

If the glass shards enter the vacuum, it may cause it to spin inside the vacuum cleaner due to the suction pressure, thereby damaging some parts inside the vacuum cleaner. For example, it may block the brush, damage the motor, etc. Even if large glass shards are picked up, it is known that the debris will still bring many risks to the vacuum cleaner.

While vacuuming, the rotating brush of the vacuum cleaner can stir shards of glass all over the place. This can also be dangerous because you don't know exactly where it is. It's a very dangerous thing to do if the glass flies and hits your eyes because of the high speed of the brush.

Also, if the vacuum cleaner is not cleaned properly, the glass may be hidden in the hose or accessories. The next time you clean it, it may fall somewhere you don't know, which is also very dangerous. So, when you're done vacuuming the glass, you should clean your vacuum thoroughly.


Vacuuming glass is not recommended, but it's not impossible to vacuum either. No matter which vacuum you choose, don't forget to clean it well after cleaning. You can wrap tape around your hands, stick it on the floor or carpet, and check the corners of the room for broken glass.


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