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Basic logic of shopping on AliExpress

Many people shop on AliExpress, but do not understand the basic logic of shopping on AliExpress (the basic logic of how the platform works). Today we will briefly introduce it in the hope that it will help you.

Shopping Aliexpress

Shopping in AliExpress

The Shipping Basic Law:

The delivery time required to ship from China to your country depends on the logistics mode you choose and the distance between the two countries as well as the volume of trade transactions, if you choose Economy Logistics then it will take a long time to wait. If you choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, it depends on the physical distance between your country and China and the trade volume. It will usually be much faster than economy shipping.

Q1:I bought the wrong item and need to cancel the order?

A1:You need to take the initiative to request the cancellation of the order on the order details page, then the seller will pass your request and this order will be cancelled, but it will take 3-7 business days for this money to be returned.

Q2:The package has not been received, and the logistics tracking information is not updated, what should I do?

A2:First, take the initiative to try to contact the logistics company responsible for your delivery and ask for the specific package delivery time; second, contact the seller and ask the seller to give you an extended transaction protection period and continue to wait for a period of time; third, initiate a transaction dispute in the order details page, the platform will intervene to handle your dispute.

Q3:Why did the refund never reach my bank card after the dispute was processed?

A3:Because the platform is responsible for giving you a refund, it usually takes 7-20 business days for a dispute refund. If you haven’t received it after this time, please take the initiative to contact the platform customer service, it is useless to contact the seller, the seller can’t solve the problem.

Q4:Received incorrect goods,what i can do?

A4:Please take the initiative to describe the problem clearly, it is best to provide photos to the seller’s customer service representative message. Do not directly go to initiate a dispute or go to a bad review, these can not directly solve the problem.


We do not offer free returns on all products that are incompatible due to buying the wrong model, because international shipping is too expensive, even more expensive than the goods you purchased.

Do not use impolite words, so you will be Blocked by the seller, rudeness and brutality are not allowed.

If you can follow this simple guide(Basic logic of shopping on AliExpress) to communicate with the seller about the transaction, you will quickly get a satisfactory solution.


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